When reshafting a borethrough iron with a graphite shaft, is it recommended to slot the tip the same as a steel shaft. If that is not done, how can the tip expand when the epoxy coated pin is driven into the shaft. I have heard opinions of yes and no. I have always been counseled to slot it. Maybe just two cross cuts rather than three?

Thank you.

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 31, 2022

not sure if these are Big Bertha’s or not. if so, i believe the reason for slotting the shaft tip was so they would fit in the bottom portion of the bore, not really because they need to be expanded with the plug. BB with .370 at top and right at .355 at the bottom – you might be able to use taper tips, or ream out the bottom of the bore to .370.
I’ve only worked with these a couple times in the past, so possibly someone else with more experience can respond.