Like these T200 Irons and have hit them for 3 months without knowing the swingweight was D6, I bought from eBay and now wondering how why there D6? The shaft is MMT graphite 80grams Wynn oversize grips 51grams total weight 403grams or 430 can’t remember, but total weight is same as a friends 716 6iron. I believe they should be D2 but not, I use the swingweight algorithm total weight + fulcrum and got D6 then check on my friends Maltby swingweight toy and got D6. Can you suggest how this is possible with same total weight same grip weight but big swingweight difference?

Britt Lindsey Answered question June 13, 2022

My friends 6iron is D2 btw…

total weight really isn’t a factor regarding Swing weight. It’s really a matter of how the weight is distributed. More towards the head, heavier Swing Weight.
Golfworks has a club at the school that weighed about 5 or 6 lbs and it was a D1 I think. I think someone mentioned they could Swing Weight a Telephone Pole to D3….