I am looking for a set of irons. I am a decent ball striker with a handicap of 9 -10. Most of my trouble this past year has been with my approach 150 and eon. I usually like to take a small divot. I am currently hitting my pw about 135 and 6 about 185. Looking for better performance from my irons. Had PXG 0211 DC and lost 2 strokes gained compared to last season. Not trending in right direction.

wondering what the best set might be from some who have experience with these sets?

I bought a DBM 8 iron to try and had mixed success. I shanked a couple during limited testing which hasn’t happened in years. My usually miss is toe. I want to improve my iron striking and plan to keep the set for a few years at least.

Any thoughts?

theblake7 Answered question December 6, 2022