couple of customers today ask where grips were manufactured. I knew the conversation was heading to one concerning China. I was able to determine some of the Lamkin line are manufactured there, unsure of which ones. Not sure about Winn, and Golf Pride are manufactured in Taiwan and Thailand. Seems in the main stream, Pure and Star are about the only US manufacturers.

I see in the coming season and thereafter more people will be leaning towards products that are not manufactured in Mainland China and probably Hong Kong also.

Looking to see in anyone else is receiving input from customer base in regards to where items are made since the pandemic?

Received the below from Lamkin a few minutes ago:

Most of the grips we supply to OEMs are made in China while most of our After Market Grips (like Sonar, ST+2, Calibrate, Z5, etc.) are made in Mexico.

In normal times, that may be true, but discussed with Lamkin supply chain stuff yesterday and Mexico is shut down due to the virus. They did get some tools moved to China before the shut down, specifically the ST, I was told, so they can continue to produce them in China. Waiting on information on exactly how the Mexico shutdown will affect supply on certain models in the coming months. We are in pretty good shape on inventory on Lamkin. A few sku’s are out of stock, but we do expect to get some supply of those in the coming weeks.

Britt Lindsey