Looking for a new driver.  Higher handicap with medium swing speed (78 mph with irons, haven’t had driver measured). Tend to slice the ball with driver more often than not.  Never really hook too much. (Sometimes though) Was wondering if the closed face angle  of the 12degree m890 would be a good fit.  Does a closed face angle tend to help slower swing speeds and more beginner golfers?  Looking for playability more than anything else.  Thanks.

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 4, 2021

Closed face will help the slice (as will a closed stance). Also a higher loft will create more backspin which will help negate the left to right side spin.
Personally I would go with the 12* M890. I played a similar driver (different manufacturer) with similar specs until I fixed my swing. Pair that with a Maltby M890 wood shaft (R-Flex) and you’ll be good to go (until you fix the swing).
Have fun!
Good Luck

Thanks for the advice. I was concerned that maybe a closed face angle would be overcompensating, and I would start hooking the ball, or hitting left more. Whichever driver I get, I will probably match the fairway woods. I do not tend to have much of a slice from the fairway, so do you think that the closed face angle could actually cause problem with hooking etc? Or is it such a small amount that it should not make a problem. . Because the M890 fairways woods also have a closed face (.5 degree) Thanks!