Hi there,

I was able to cheaply get a 2017 M2 driver which oddly came with a fujikara evolution speeder 57 shaft in stiff flex. I feel like this shaft is really holding back my ability with this driver. It’s fairly light, and feels whippy on my downswing.

My driver swing speed is about 106 mph, I would say I have a fairly aggressive swing with a middle to late transition, although after some time away from the game I’m going through a lot of fixing. My general miss has been a slice, but lately I’ve been hooking it slightly when I miss instead.

I am looking at something for under $150, some shafts I was looking at were the HZRDUS Black, the Grafalloy  ProLaunch Red, and the UST Mamiya Proforce V2.

I’ve been looking on the Golfworks site. Do you have any suggestions about these shafts? Are there any other shafts I should be looking at instead within that range? Or am I expecting too much and the current shaft is good enough for my needs at a budget price range. Thank you.

Popeye Answered question February 1, 2022

Pretty light shaft for your swing speed in my opinion. I would look at something in the 70-75 gram range. Take a look at the link below and you should be able to find something or at least put you in the ball park. When I went to school at Golfworks a few years back, it was said $70 should be sufficient for any driver shaft. Adjusted for inflation and covid maybe $100 now.

Good luck