I have a really old Dunlop driver that i have kept around because it still works for me. It will get close to the same distance as my TM R15 but usually stay in the fairway more often. It does have a regular flex shaft in it and i am looking for a inexpensive stiff shaft for it to see if i can improve on its distance. And to keep it around for training since its only like a 200cc head and the face is small. I tend to have a higher ball flight without much trouble so looking for something with a mid ball flight. Im guessing that my swing speed is around 105 mph. Thanks

Woody Answered question December 15, 2020

MA0289 Maltby Pro Series DR in Stiff.
try this link: https://www.golfworks.com/mpf-shaft-worksheet/a/496/

Thanks. Specs on it look perfect.