I’m using Nickent 7DX irons with uniflex steel shafts, I hit them good and sometimes very good. But the 4-5 inches near the iron head is slightly chipped and has some signs of rust, I’m looking for replacement as I don’t know how to repair or if repair is possible, my brother gave me a set of cobra irons that have dvs graphite shafts with a active tip. What differences should I expect between these two shafts? Can I clean the steel shafts which is my preferred option, if so how do I that? Appreciate your help Mr Maltby…

Rlafoone Answered question March 19, 2021

If the shafts are rusted or pitted you can wipe them with a scotch brite pad. They will never look new again, and if the rust has penetrated the surface of the chrome it will come back. Eventually they will break.
I recall you discussing the Nickent’s last year with a similar question regarding shafts.