I have a set of Dynamic Gold S300 irons with sensicore inserts, used on 4i – LW. They look like new and I want to install other heads but soften the flex to Regular or Senior. They are standard length now. What would be the range of heads that I could use. i.e. Would a 7i head on the 4i shaft at 7i length be about what flex? If not possible I have 10 shafts for sale.


Britt Lindsey Answered question January 10, 2022

i did some experiments awhile back and found that a 2 gram increase in headweight resulted in approx a 1 cpm decrease in frequency (more flexible).
a TS2 7 iron is about 20 grams heavier than a TS2 4 iron, so mathematically that would equate to about 1 flex change (stiff to regular). I would guess, you could do a few irons. Would be a rather excessive soft-step procedure.
The previous is my thought process regarding .370 Parallel shafts.
Someone else can voice opinion if the shafts are .355 taper tip.
Personally, I’d sell the shafts and put in FST 115 Steel shafts if you’re on a budget.

Clubheads are too old, in good shape but the Golfsmith Tour Cavity Pro are too small by todays standards for the average golfer. Wanted to put new heads on.