Today when I was reshafting a Hybrid using the Quick Set Epoxy VB1024. I got a phone call right after I had mixed the two parts. By the time I got back, it seemed to have gelled a little. The consistency was thicker than I have worked with. It was less than a minute longer than what I usually take to apply the epoxy. It did go on both on the shaft and inside the tip but it was quite thick – due to it being out longer.

I saved the Epoxy mix. I will check if it hardened properly.

My question is if anyone has any experience to give me any feedback to see if the minute extended gel time before applying it in the hosel would adversely effect the Cure and the strength?

Much thanks!

Britt Lindsey Answered question November 11, 2022

The only issue I could see would be the thickness. When inserting the shaft did any actually go into the hosel? When epoxy is good with fluid like movement it will go into those smaller clearances. It might’ve simply pushed up instead of going inside.

I’d reshaft it just to be safe but that’s me.