Hi, I’ve been using the golfworks epoxy for years.  As my old supply was getting long in the tooth, I bought some new epoxy this summer.  Old and new are both EPX. I’ve now had occasion to remove a couple shafts I used the new epoxy on. Had great difficulty removing.  In fact I cracked one shaft tightening the clamp down too hard.   Has the formulation changed?   Any other ideas why this would be a difficult removal? I’m using a Mitchell shaft extractor, and a heat gun.  Probably removed 200+ shafts in the past, no problem.

Second question:  Upon successful removal , the hosel bore is surprisingly clean , like the epoxy hadn’t adhered to the bore. This is unlike past experience where the epoxy was well adhered to the hosel bore and took quite a bit of cleaning to remove the epoxy.  It is however, well adhered to the shaft.  Using the same procedure I’ve always done with the hosel brush to remove any remnants of epoxy, rough up with sanding mandrel and clean both the hosel bore and shaft tip with acetone, giving the acetone plenty of time to evaporate and the same epoxy mixing procedure.  The new epoxy seems to be thinner in viscosity than the old.

is this typical? Is there something I can do to prevent this?

Britt Lindsey Answered question December 12, 2022