I found a 3 wood that I want in my driver. It also looks like it was tipped 1/2 inch. What will happen if I extend it one full inch? What flight characteristics will happen?  Will it be a regular stiff shaft as it is now ? Help please! It is a Diamana Red M+ 50 gram stiff shaft

T Brandt Answered question January 8, 2023

will play slightly stiffer in the tip and ball flight will be a bit lower, but not much. shaft was designed to be higher launching to begin with.
you may need to extend it a bit more that an inch (not over 2″) to get it to your playing length. A 3W plays around 43.25″ and some folks feel a normal driver length is 45.5″. Really depends on what your ideal length is.
here’s an interesting thread from another site: