Noting feels like a Mizuno or nobody makes clubs the way we do.! Looking at different companies and how they process and  Manufactor there clubs etc I know there are several ways it can be done, different forging processes, 3 x or 5 x forged,different techniques, casting, and now 3D printer ,Cnc milling and probably a few more techniques. I wonder if an iron that has a great feel and good  Manufactoring process but has low MPF how will that effect feel and sound, and performance and people say it feels great even with low Mpf ? And on the other hand if the Irons that has good materials and forging process,  but with a high Mpf rating wouldn’t that feel much better, even if the process of making irons was the same, different or even cheaper? AND DOES DIFFERENT CARBONS EFFECT FEEL ,PERFORMANCE 1020 ,8620 AND SO FORTH ,,,,?

Britt Lindsey Answered question November 15, 2021