Back when I started playing seriously in the late 1960’s, I purchased a set of H&B Powerbilt Citations.  The clubs (off the rack) fit me wonderfully and I hit them extremely well (5′-9″, 33″ WTF).  Without a grip the 5-iron measured 37-3/8″.  Lies were perfect.  Now when I visit sites that provide their own proprietary online fitting, the standard 5-iron length is 38″.  For me to play that length the irons have to be 2* flat.  When I’ve videoed my swing playing clubs with 5-iron at 38″, 2* flat, my club/body relationship looks awkward.  I can hit them but…

What is the best fitting solution for me, and why?  38″ 5-iron @ 2* flat, or 37-3/8″ 5-iron @ standard lie?

Thanks for your answer!

T Brandt Answered question March 11, 2022

5 iron length (steel) really hasn’t changed over the past 40 years. If you’re swinging the same as you did when LBJ was in office, and you still get good results at 1/2″ under standard @ standard Lie and it doesn’t hurt. Go with it.
Might go to fitter and try an iron with different lies. For example I have three iron heads (6 irons) 1 standard lie, 1 – 2* upright, 1 – 2* – flat. I use Club-Conex to change out shafts (all the same type, various lengths), this helps me determine what lie angle my customer requires. Also, a line on a golf ball can be used to help determine whether the lie angle is correct or not.
Good luck in your search.