I am wondering if KBS tour v shafts that i pulled from T 100s should perhaps be flo’d?  i didn’t think it would be necessary, but i was on a you tube site (might have been MC golf) and one of the comments indicated that builder  should have been flo’ing the shaft???? surprised me asking that question (there was no response)

BTW, i have a set of TE forged and lost the 4 and 5 irons , thinking of trying a 5 iron in TS1 (25*), TS2 (*24*) or TS3 (25*) vs the TE forged which lists as 27*. which might be complimentary fit for distance and launch, etc.

BTW, compliments on having a great site and feedback!

thanks, John

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 20, 2023

really subjective. some folks swear by it, others don’t. I do it with all my builds because it’s relative simple and I can’t blame the arrows. For customers, I ask them what they desire. Some folks prefer to have logo up or logo down. Having the logo skewed affects their psyche.
In regards to the 5 Iron replacement… I would guess you’re looking at using this as a demo and to split the difference between the TE 4 & 5 which were lost. I would lean towards the TS2 or TS3. TS2 bit stronger than the TE-5I and weaker than the 4I, offset is close, weight is close to the TE-5I, bounce is the same.
TS3 would probably work too (bit more offset) and it appears to be a bit more forgiving.
I would probably hedge towards the TS3 as it’s a beautiful design and looks simplier, much like the TE.