Found these at goodwill today And picked up the few irons they had. I really liked the way they looked at address, definitely going to be hard for someone like me to hit as they have a super long hosel and short blade lengths. But was just curious if anyone knew anything about these? The pictures got super compressed and cut off when I uploaded, will try to get better pictures uploaded later.

bue1945 Posted new comment April 29, 2022

Wow….thanks for posting this picture….! I took up golf when I was about 12 years old….totally fell in love with the game (still am, as a matter of fact!). My older brother couldn’t have cared less about golf. I used my dad’s OLD starter set that I retrieved from the garage attic. So that next Christmas my parents bought a set of these…..for MY BROTHER, with the hopes that he would take to the game too! I was SO jealous!! Luckily, he was very generous with the clubs, so I was able to use them as often as I wanted. I’m from the Toledo area, so Frank Stranahan was a local hero around here….his father was the founder of Champion Spark Plug, one of the biggest employers in the area at the time. Thanks for bringing back a pleasant memory….!!