Driver shaft discussion. For a number of years I’ve played a Taylor 580 with a Fuji speeder EX652 shaft in regular flex. I’ve always wanted to build a Maltby driver backup and I have. I’ve made the KE4 TC adjustable with the standard Maltby regular driver shaft. I felt this shaft was a good starting point, and left all settings neutral. Both drivers play at 43 1/2 inches. I am having trouble getting the driver dialled in. I can’t play the Taylor 580 forever, and the shaft is rather stout to begin with.
I’m getting good distance with the KE4, but something is a bit off. I can’t predict exactly where I’m going to hit the KE4 on the club head face.
Might this be a shaft issue? I still do feel that the Maltby shaft was a good starting point. Ideas? Thanks in advance.

Taki27 Posted new comment July 10, 2021

Since the TC Tour has an adjustable weight, I would try adding some weight to the head by changing the weight or adding lead tape to see if it helps. $3-4 dollars per weight or $5 for lead tape is a more economical than changing shafts, especially if the shaft seems to work for you.