so we all know the lower center of gravity.. typically the higher mpf.. song with a couple of other factors… But clubs with a higher center of gravity that typically have a lower mpf, doesn’t that help add back spin to the ball.. I mean just in the physics of it.. if i sweep under a ball it launches higher.. but a higher center of gravity pressing down on the ball should compress it more thus adding spin and possibly smash factor.. kind of like if you step on a tennis ball right it compresses it and shooys it out faster and adds spin… Am I right in this scenario?


Now maltbys are all about forgiveness.. Best clubs I ever hit BTW, but when making players clubs like mmb17 do you guys ever think hey let’s make the center of gravity a little higher so it is easier to compress a ball on a good swing even if it is slightly harder to hit?


And that is why cast and hollow irons lose spin right even if there the same loft.. more weight on the bottom and back creates an easier shot but will generate less spin, correct?