Could use clarification since my mind seems to work backwards.

I used the DBM heads to build a test set of clubs using G-Tech graphite shafts.

What I am having trouble understanding is why do we trim the wedges (lower irons) more than the higher irons?

Since we pick shaft stiffness mainly based on swing speed I would think the higher irons should be stiffer since they are longer and I generally swing them harder than wedges.

Example: The trimming for R/S G tech shaft to make stiff is to trim 4.5″ for 9-W then as you move up a club trim 1/2″ less so 4 iron you would trim 2.0″.

For test set I trimmed them all 4″ and then trimmed the butt end to final length. So in theory since wedge is shorter then it will automatically be stiffer than 4 iron when tip trimming same amount.



Britt Lindsey Answered question June 3, 2022

It’s not about swing speed. Has more to do with cpm (frequency/stiffnes)stiffness, and swing weight. Remember wedges are much heavier than the long irons.