I’ve had two graphite shafts melts after I changed my glue, can’t buy M32 glue here I’ve searched so I’ve used a super strength epoxy that sets in an hour and hardened in 24. I’ve had no issues for 2 years now but recently changed to an araldite epoxy because someone I know with alot more experience than I uses it, I’ve used this new epoxy 3 times and twice the tip at the end of the hosel has broken off on the same shaft I’ve used on my M6 3 f/w wood. The first time it broke while hitting balls into the nets so I cleaned up the tip and sanded it alittle to fit the hosel and it broke again, so I thought that shaft was finished and used another shaft and it broke before the epoxy sets. Very strange thing, I sanded the tip to fit the hosel mixed the epoxy made sure I had enough epoxy and was twisting the head gently to seat it and it broke again at the hosel. I can only think the epoxy gets hot and brakes down the graphite, I’ve worked with about 80 graphite shafts fitting to irons drivers etc and never experienced anything like this before. I’ve sanded down graphite before with no issues so I’m lost on what’s happening, hoping you’ve got an answer… cheers Colin

bad9 Posted new comment January 1, 2022

Just a comment so I don’t step on your question.
I’ve heard of araldite being used for graphite shafts and no negative effects. Main reason for use is low breakdown temp.
I would suspect a shaft defect or aggressive tip prepping. Also once a shaft breaks, even at the tip, you don’t know what damaged occured above that shear point. I always scrap broken shafts. No reason for a flying head at 85 mph or higher.

Thanks for the advise, I could accept my tip prepping may be at fault when I started but I’m careful as I don’t want/afford to lose a shaft…

As was pointeed out to you over on Wrx you probably overheated the shaft tips and/or twisted them.