Hello guys,

I wish you a happy new year!

I am looking for the Maltby books:

  • The complete book of Golf fitting Performance,
  • The Maltby playability factor
  • How golf clubs works

Are they still available at Goldfworks? or are they no longer on sale? They were still  in catalogue in 2017, but now when I do research, I  found some new or  used but with crazy prices.

  • The complete book of golf Fitting Performance…: new on  catalogue 49,99$,  on Amazon 259 $
  • The Maltby playability factor: on catalogue 19,99 €, on Amazon 125 $ (Hardcover) – 250 $ (Spiral-bound)
  • How golf clubs works: on catalogue 3,99 $, on Amazon 45,95 $

So, thank you to tell me if they are still on catalogue


Jim Yachinich Answered question January 5, 2021