Hi, I’m having trouble (actually I always have had issues with it, but I always lived with it) with a swing weight scale. It’s serial number 08291230. It seems to be off and its error seems to increase as swing weight increases. I have placed know clubs in it and it’s always varied up a weight, but there is some in consistency that seems to come from the fulcrum point. It’s like the machining isn’t accurate enough and if it slides slightly in the track left or right there are points that cause resistance. There’s no razors edge balance point if you will. I have cleans the contact points and tried a couple lubricants with a silicone grease being best and light oil worst. None perfect. And ideas to help.

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 8, 2024

Not sure what model scale you have.
I have a golfmechanix digital sw scale. It’s accurate to .3 SW pts..
It reads to .1 SW (that doesn’t mean accuracy).
I have another mechanical scale (golfworks) that set me back about a $125.similar to GM 1009. t’s accurate to about 1 SW. personally I think that’s about the best you can expect. You might want to verify the accuracy of your weight.

It’s the Golfworks scale SWRM, but mine is the all black earlier version.