I would like to install an extension in one of my older shafts so I can use it in my driver.  Its an older UST Mamiya Helium, R flex, 46 grams. I measured the outside butt diameter at 0.613″ and the inside diameter at 0.562″.  I’m a little confused with the color coding for the premium extensions indicated in the Golf Works catalogue, so I’m not sure which one to order. When I do order one, I’ll also order the extension gauge.  Just to clarify for me, the O.D. dimension noted in the catalogue for each extension, is it the O.D. of the extension that fits inside the shaft or the outside shaft butt diameter?



Britt Lindsey Answered question April 1, 2022

Yes the # given is the Outside Diameter of the extension, which will fit the Inside Diameter of the shaft. You could use the GW4000SLV575 and sand it down. I think the GW4000BLK560 would fit fine (might do a wrap of tape if necessary). I prefer the GW1047.
Remember, you have to epoxy it into place AND do not extend more than 2″.
Forgot 1 thing – IMPORTANT! Ensure you sand the surface of the Extender and the INSIDE of the shaft so the epoxy can bond to it properly.