I ask the following question and the answer I received from Jim Y. mainly concentrated on “A” Flex recommendations. But would it be better to go with a “Wedge Specific” shaft in an “R” Flex because the courses here in Utah mainly have a very heavy coarse Sand and the accuracy might be better with less flex,

Any Suggestions?

I would like to reshaft a pair of “Spin Milled Vokey
Wedges” 54° & 58°. They have the T.T. Dynamic Gold Wedge S-200 shafts now. I have Taylormade Speedblade with Matrix 55 “A” flex shafts Which Shafts would you Recommend?

in your answer back to Michael you had mentioned that they are not taper tip. I have installed the AXE shafts in taper tip heads with great success. I simply taper the shaft tip on the grinder till it fits in the head. There isn’t that much material to remove and I have never had any issues or failures. I had spoke to the owner Robin Arthur and he said it would not weaken the shaft in doing so. The tip gets filled with epoxy during installation anyways, I have never had any problems. And those wedge shafts are excellent.