My son plays baseball in the minors (position player, not pitcher), so very strong, athletic, and a fast swing speed.  He’s a relative beginner golfing.  Played until he was about 10, but took it up again this past summer on their off day each week (he’s now in early 20’s).  He’s using an old set I put together (Golfsmith Penick’s w/stiff steel shaft), but I’m wanting to assemble him a set for a Christmas gift.  He’s currently shooting low/mid 90’s.  I’ve had a set of KE4 S (w/Kuro Kage shaft PAK) on backorder since late October.  I’m debating spending more for TS-2’s since they’re in stock.

My two questions.

  1.  Would the TS-2’s be too tight a head vs. the more forgiving KE4 S?  I’m favoring the TS-2’s over the 1’s as the 2’s are more forgiving.  I’d like set up something forgiving enough now to be playable, but not to the point that he might quickly move beyond.  He doesn’t consistently struggle getting the ball in the air.
  2. To that latter point, should I stick with the graphite shaft for either or would I be better pair either head with steel given his swing speed.

I am on a budget and was hoping to stay with one of the PAK’s.  Jumping up to TS-2’s from the cast KE4 S’s is about maxing the budget for this iron set.  If the thought is to stick with KE4 S, then I’ll risk that he won’t get these until after Christmas but if consensus is that the TS-2’s will be the better choice overall, then I’ll bite the extra $.

Britt Lindsey Answered question December 13, 2021

I’m a 20 Index, the TS-2’s along with the TSW wedges brought me down from a 24+ I have a slow swing speed and I’m old and fat.
I played the Ke4-S in the past as well as the original STI’s. Personally I feel the TS-2 is well worth the price.
Since he’s young, strong and athletic go with a steel shaft. After he plays for awhile, things can be tuned up, maybe new shafts, but in MHO he can’t go wrong with the TS-2’s