Came across this club brand, Gigagolf, and just wanted to know if anyone has hit them? A base set or irons with no changes or upcharges runs under $300!!!  Just curious.

lbmaxx Posted new comment August 23, 2021

I have bought from them. I bought my wife a set of their REVA hybrids and they are good quality heads, shafts and grips. She loves them. I’ve hit them and I’d say they are as good as the Cleveland full set hybrids at a much lower cost. The folks are easy to talk to and will help you over the phone. They pack their shipments VERY well and have a pretty decent return policy. The one negative I’d say is they are pretty dogmatic in their fitting process. Which I understand since they do it on line and over the phone. With my wife’s set I ignored their recommendations and used what I knew what would work for her. So if your body type and swing style fits the men’s or women’s standard, you should be ok. If not, I’d stick with a local fitter or visit the Maltby/Golfworks folks in Newark, OH. They are great people.

Nearly my whole bag was Gigagolf in 2018-2020. I liked them a lot. After not playing much for nearly 20 years I wanted some new clubs in 2018, but when I saw the OEM prices I knew I had to find an alternative for brand new custom clubs. Gigagolf was able to get me back in the game for under $300.00 and they even threw in a bag.

Downside is they are still offering the same models that they did in 2018. No new offerings. I play Maltby irons, hybrids and fairway wood now, but my Gigagolf bag was not bad.