Made the switch to graphite from Dynamic Gold S300s to Steelfiber i95s. Been an okay transition, but want to try something heavier to see if it improves my consistency and feels perhaps more consistent with the S300s.

Do you have any go-to recommendations for a heavier graphite iron shaft (+110 grams) that will pair well with the TS4s? I am considering the Steelfiber fc115s or Recoil 110s.

2023 Maltby lineup has been fantastic!

Britt Lindsey Answered question September 13, 2023

I was dealing with the same problem. I don’t know about the Steelfiber or Recoils, but the 95 Gram Fujikura Pro weighed 103 grams uncut on my scale. You can get it here in the stiff flex:

I put the 75 gram version of this shaft into elongated 3 and 4 irons. That shaft weighed 78 grams uncut. This added about 3/4 inches to the shaft length for the same swing weight.

I have the “95 gram” shaft paired with the TS-4 irons and TSW wedges. Was originally going to use the KBS TGI, attracted to the low torque, but price, cosmetics, and (low balance point) weight led me to the Fujikura. Even with that shaft I had a bit of a problem making the TSW wedges heavy enough to match, even with tip weights. Had to grind off the tip weight head in order not to sacrifice bore depth. I would prefer more space there — below the 370 parallel section — but understand that this is a compromise in making the hosel shorter to get the weight centered lower.

I have been using graphite in irons for about a decade now and prefer it to steel, primarily because it produces a lighter club without sacrificing feel (if one goes to a higher swing weight). It’s now also easier on my arthritic hand. Another “benefit” is that the static weight transition between your irons and metals is not as severe. In time you might become more consistent overall. My accuracy with irons is better now with graphite than it ever was with steel.