I am a 76 year old senior whose handicap is trending up from a 5 to a 9. I drive around 190 to 200 but very straight. My driving and fairway woods and short game is my strength.  Used to be a good iron player especially short irons. But no longer. I played a previous generation of Tour Editions. But went away due to need for more distance.  After several fails with other brands,   I assembled a set of TS2 with a very light (65 gr) Aldila shafts R flex. I have tried A flex previously but didn’t like them. I like the distance I am getting but the trajectory is low and lack of spin. I’m considering a set of TS1 with soft stepped recoil 660 shafts. Or pulling the Aldias and trying the recoil in the TS2.  Any thoughts or suggestions?