Hi Jim,  here is the additional  info you asked for; in try to help me with Specs & Trims on some True Temper shafts..

Jim Yachinich 1 week Ago


If you can give me some more information about these shafts I might be able to help you a little more.  Not just how many steps but what are the step measurements?

1.  The USNLIAL is a A/L combination flex.  Knowing the step measurements would help me to identify this shaft or which True Temper shaft it was patterned after.  This shaft may have been made for a specific manufacture.  Do the steps measure 1.5″ or 1.25″ etc.  That information is helpful.

2.  The USNTTXL is the same length as the TT Lite XL R/S combination flex wood shaft and has the same tip to first step measurement.  The majority of the steps in a TT Lite XL wood shaft measure 1.5″.

3.  The UYEST is a putter shaft which we currently stock.  https://www.golfworks.com/true-temper-stepless-steel-putter-shaft/p/uyest/

4.  100693 if you can tell me how long it is and what are the step measurements.  Even knowing the butt diameter of the shaft can help with it’s identification.

OlPal Gary comment on answer 4 days ago


    • OlPal Gary4 days ago
      Hi Jim; The USNLIAL steps measure 1.25″ for 11 steps then 2.5″ for top 2 steps
      Also confirm most steps are 1.5″ on the USNTTXL except for the top 2 which are 2″ & 3″ can you help with trim chart for this shaft.
      I also have some True Temper Rocket Sensicore shaft that are Stiff flex ; Is there any way to trim this for a Reg Flex [if not i’ll have to sell these]
      the 100693 true tempers have a .580 butt dia steps are 12 steps @ 1.25″ while top 2 steps are 2″ Again all Help Appreciated!!

      Thanks Again;  Gary