question 1)could you give a What’s in the bag at the moment.. your main bag..? I’m sure got 4 or 5 lol.

question 2) Any chance of developing a Center Shafted putter?

I recently picked up and old Seemore for 20 dollars and Im’ putting better than I have in some time… not its a real old Seemore not milled.. and I am smart enough to realize it is more the center shaft and not the brand. So I am curious. and I know the RED DOT technology that they put on the Top Heel of the putter head can be easily replicated or just make sure you dont see the back top of the heel of the putterhead.. cause that is all your basically doing with a center shafted putter anyways.. Hiding the back top of the head of the putter.

question 3) I would like your thoughts on the EVNROLL Putters. I am looking at a CS ER2. And I can easily get more affordable CS fat blade putters.. but they are the only ones that have the face technology they have. The sweet face technology has been proven to be the best dispersion rate based on a robotic putter, just  like the got for full swings… toe, heel, and Sweets pot strikes all go the same distance and bunch up to touching each other… Compared to every other brand… Including SCOTTY CAMERON.. the heel and toe puts are short and left and long a right by multiple feet in some instances.  So if I a going to spend 400 on a putter I seem to think EVNROLL is the way to go..

What is your opinion on the Sweet Face technology and dispersion points? I am sure you have seen the videos. if not, here is one

Although I shout my best round in years last Sunday of 80.. I know I dont have a robotic stroke. that is why I am leaning towards EVNROLL unless you have a center shafted putter in the making.

theblake7 Answered question September 12, 2021