Greetings, I am a self-taught club repair and build hobbiest. I am looking to further my education about club building/ repair and fittings. My question is, the classes offered by Maltby are the dates current for 2023 and if anyone has attended the classes could you point me into the right direction on which one is best for beginners? Thanks!!

Rlafoone Posted new comment March 18, 2023

Hi Blake, I would recommend purchasing the following two books. Both are excellent, would educate you well on your interest in club building/fitting as well as principals of operation. I have two of each, copies in my study and my shop:
Golf Club Fitting and Performance Book-GCFP
Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration & Repair-GCD4 – website says it’s out of stock, but that may not be the case.

you can find them at the below link:

by the time your done reviewing these, the schools might be back open/scheduled.