Am I over thinking this, I bought a Cobra radspeed draw 3wood loft 14.5 with the intention of using the lowest loft available. This being a draw bias 3wood by lowering the loft to make it a stronger 3wood by opening the face angle will that reduce the draw effect because my shot shape miss is left, hoping it’s so?

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 17, 2022

it’s a draw biased club due to internal weighting this is by design.
if you lower loft, it closes the face – more chance to go left. increase loft, opens the face, more chance to go right. However if you setup with the face square to the target line your back to strictly the weighted draw bias at 14.5 degrees.
to get the benefit of changing the face angle you need to sole the club and allow it to fall into it’s natural position of open or closed to reap the benefit of your loft change.
that’s my understanding. i’m sure there are other opinions.
here’s a good link that explains it: