I play irons at 1” and can drill out weight from hosels in order to bring down swing weight.  I have the golfworks reaming boring vice to hold the head secure.   However I don’t have a drill press so my question is, is there a method to ensure you align the drill in th center hosel?  I ruined a head recently by drilling out the back of the hosel because it was not aligned.

statechamp Answered question January 22, 2022

in lieu of using a drill of any type, I recommend using a hand reamer, far less likely to go off center. Slower obviously, but if you’re not running a shop, no big deal.
you can get a low cost drill press at Harbor Freight for $80, less if you shop their sales. you need to modify it a bit to get enough lift, but it’s pretty easy.

looked at the question completely wrong. see it’s more of a matter of removing weight. I agree with statechamp and T Brandt, use smaller bits and a center punch to drill out the weight required. just the use of smaller bits will help prevent you from punching through the hosel walls.