Currently trying to adjust the lie angle on a set of Mavrik Max Irons so they’re 2* upright from standard. I believe the customer purchased these used. I found the irons are 2* flat, customer is looking for 2* upright. So I’m looking at bending them 4*. Any issue with that?

Big problem I’ve encountered is that the clubhead is slipping in the bending gauge when I attempt to adjust the lie. So much so, that I can get little to no adjustment (as measured on GW1040). I’ve adjusted the soling dowels into their open position as the Mavriks have a pretty wide sole.

Any idea’s what I might do to better secure the club head? The hosel side tends to ride up (the score lines don’t stay parallel when trying to bend).

After giving it some thought over a couple of Basil Hayden’s, I tackled the irons again. They still tend to slip, but I gave it my best and they finally bent 2 degrees upright from 2degrees flat). These were tougher than Taylormade Supersteels. I did snap my bending bar BNMB. I recall it was mentioned to use this only on forged irons. Lesson learned. Ended up using a short hosel bending bar and finished up this evening.

Looks like going forward, I will adjust my charges for Callie’s! Will also be placing an order with GW for a bending bar or two!

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