I am looking for some shaft fitting guidelines for hybrid shafts.  I have been using the Maltby wood and iron fitting charts to adjust hybrid shafts depending on length, but am wondering if there is a specific chart available for hybrids. I checked back through the forum and didn’t have any luck— on one older discussion some links were offered but the came up as 404 error.

I am looking to better gap my hybrids to fit between my irons and most lofted fairway wood (7 wood). It just seems like the hybrids shafts come out “soft” and whippy and tend to have too much distance. I am considering using a steel iron shaft or maybe a heavier graphite hybrid shaft to help fit that gap. I currently use a regular flex Score shaft that really suits me in my irons.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 7, 2024

Lowest lofted iron is a 6 iron and hybrid loft is 25 degrees….