Hi Britt,

after much testing I found iron shafts that work well for me , Aldila NV 95-stiff.  My only complaint is that they feel a bit light in the wedges due to the decending weights.  I had an idea to push the GolfWorks corks down to the balance point of the shaft, add tungsten powder, then another cork on top to seal it. I already tried the first cork and managed to push it down to 17 inches below the butt end, very close to the balance point.  Is this a good option to add weight or will it affect performance in some way?

Jagall75 Posted new comment September 11, 2021

@jagall75. Feel your pain on this one. I have successfully used the rubber tungsten tip weights on many shafts, including the Maltby graphite’s. Lots of options, and you can take the heaviest tip weight and cut some of the stem off for adjusting. I don’t like tungsten powder down the shaft. It does work, but the school of though is it creates a sheer point in the shaft. The rubber tungsten tip weights work very well.

@Woody what is meant by sheer point? Can you elaborate?