I”ve lovec the pro series shafts for my fairways but the graphite iron shafts are little light for me. What if any options are available to increase the shaft weight by 15-20 grams?

Britt Lindsey Answered question May 2, 2022

Sometimes a shaft just isn’t right and you may need to change brands. What is good for your woods doesn’t mean it’s good for your Irons.
What I do when required with customers is use lead tape on the outside of the shaft. You can add two 10″ straps of HDLT which is about 10 grams (3 straps will give you 15 grams). This will at least tell you if an increase in shaft weight will actually help.

I currently play 125g steels I like the MPF shafts and price point but 85g is too light 100-105 would be better