Hi there, just curious if anyone is familiar with refinishing iron heads and if they could point me in the right direction. Got a set of Titleist 620MBs that I got second hand and they have lots of dings and I’d love to learn how to do custom finishes.

Bill Close Posted new comment December 23, 2023

There is a bunch of videos on YT about this, including how to do electroplating at home.

Doesnt actually seem that difficult, just time consuming, but awesome results.

I agree, a lot of videos online.
Believe the 620’s are carbon steel with chrome plating. If the dings are bad, you’ll go through the chrome to the base metal when you start finishing them on a wheel. Then you’ll need to educating yourself on plating.
I do a lot of refinishing, but try to restrict it to stainless or irons (chromed or plated) that don’t need a lot of grinding. I use the multi-tool MT0008. Does an excellent job on most of my projects. Dremel tool for detailed nooks and crannies. I don’t plate.

Here is what I did and still doing. I looked at as many refinishing vids on you tube. I found that I think I can do it, I ordered a booklet from Caswell (sells ll the stuff you will need) on how to do it. the book is very technical (and I am not) but what I gathered from it just reinforced my thinking and I am in the process of oredering the supplies –after Christmas–to start doing it. Hope this helps.