obviously all your clubs in irons wedges and Cutters are just as good as anything out there and just as affordable your putters to me you’re just as good as a Scotty Cameron’s and  cheaper. The only caution I have from you guys is drivers haven’t hit one yet so it could just be a mental block from me but how does your new driver compared to the F9 m5 and TS3. I have honestly been a cobra driver and wood guy for a while. And I’m not talking about mpf I’m talking more about on a perfect shot with perfect contact assuming the shaft is the same and swing speed is the same is it within a couple yards or farther and is it easier to hit on misshits. I would love to see like a comparable test that you guys and post the results on all the best drivers compared to yours. I personally got the m b d b m version and they are the best bladed irons I’ve ever had in my life your wedges are awesome love you Putter’s the only thing I have got to switch in the Maltby line is the driver it just seems like technologically wise you don’t have any weight changing systems which is probably more of a preference for you guys then something you have to do but I’m just curious why you haven’t done that yet with the driver or if you have any plans to and how do you guys see your drivers comparing to the latest and greatest