Just replaced a friends Mizuno JPX900 hot metal iron shafts with recoil .355 taper tip graphite shafts a few weeks ago. Used Golf Works Tour epoxy. Since then 3 shafts came off.  What concerns me is the hosel depth seems barely 1″.   We tried to clean inside the hosel but there doesn’t seem to be anything preventing the shaft from hitting the bottom of the hosel.  Does this hosel depth seem correct or is there something else we should be looking at?



Pete57 Posted new comment March 1, 2022

Thanks. I double checked the hosel depth again with a drill bit slightly smaller than .355 and it measured 1″. All 3 heads measured the same so it appears accurate. I did not apply the epoxy during the initial installation a few weeks ago but sort of supervised my friend, When I reinstalled the shafts today he commented that he only applied epoxy to the shaft and did not coat the inside of the hosel. I repaired the 3 clubs myself so they should be good. Now may have to redo the remaining clubs to ensure there done properly. Another lesson learned.

Thanks again for your input.