I want to install this KBS shaft into a Miura .355 56 deg classic wedge head.  The old shaft was a Shamida 115 gm steel shaft.  I want to achieve a D3 to D4 swing weight.  The prev set up was a D3.1 swing weight w the Shamida shaft.  My questions is do I need to add tip weight to the new KBS shaft because it’s 15 g lighter to achieve a D3 swing weight and how much?  The KBS shaft is a taper tip wedge shaft so I all I need to do the prep the tip.  But, if I need to add tip weight, I’ll need to account for that in the overall length, correct.  I’m Doing this myself bc I want to start to build a few of my own clubs.


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“roughly” a 15 gram change in weight will change swing weight by 1.5, so yours might go to approximately D1.5.
adding a tip weight of 3 grams (#GW01054 file off 1 gram) will get you back to D3.
this tip weight has just a shade of a lip on it so I wouldn’t be concerned about doing any tip trimming. It might be all of 1/32-1/64th” of an inch.
I’ve inserted a chart I use for reference. Don’t like to insert it as an answer as it might step on your question, prefer to enter it as a comment, but can’t figure out how.

Ty! Will a tip weight that small change the flex? Also, where would I find the chart you reference? Thanks again.


“Approximately ” – — 1 gram increase in head weight (tip weight) will result in a .5 decrease in cpm and a .5 increase in SW