I had asked this on the old Golfworks site and after the switch I can’t get the KBS FLT’s to show up. I’m guessing they’re just discontinued. But the question Jim answered was where the standard shaft was in the set. Do they flight lower in 7 and down or 8 and down? I can’t remember if he said the 6 or 7 is the “middle” shaft that’s supposed to be pretty close to the standards KBS Tour. Also, do you think that middle shaft in the FLT set would actually flight lower or higher than the regular KBS Tour?

Lastly, are there any flighted sets out there these days that are constant weight?

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 3, 2023

following is from: https://pluggedingolf.com/kbs-tour-flt-iron-shaft-review/
KBS has a strong reputation for irons with good feel and control, but almost all of their shaft lines have had very specific performance characteristics. While it’s very difficult to make equipment that has a widespread appeal and benefit in the golf market, KBS attempted to make an iron shaft that would work for a broad range of golfers ranging from the amateur player to Tour pro. That shaft is the KBS Tour FLT which is designed to make 6 irons and up higher launching and softer landing while the 8 iron and down will have a lower, more penetrating flight.
there are flighted sets out there, but I don’t believe they run true to form like the KBS. AMT comes to mind for some reason.