So her it goes.  I have this KE4 Tour TC 5 wood that I ordered many months back and I have not hit it yet, it’s brand new.  I have realized that the shaft is way to stiff/not as high launching that I need.  It is the Maltby MPF Pro series in stiff.  I know that I cannot play this club effectively as I am not that great of a fairway wood player to begin with.  Driver, no problem, irons no problem, but when it comes to fairway woods for some reason it’s a different deal.  My swing technique is very good, as I have been told, but I tend to hit down on the ball (negative AOA), and that’s just the way it is.  I don’t want to just trash the club, I want to give it a chance.  I believe that I could play with driver, and then my irons without a problem, I would just like to have something like a 5 wood in there for certain situations.  The head is looks great at address to me, but I want some advice on maybe what I should do.  I play the Aldila NVS 65g 350 shaft in my Srixon Z-TX driver and that works just fine.  I need a shaft similar to that, but is not really expensive for this 5 wood.  Something that is not really bendy at the tip, but will help with launch/feel.  I guess something that depicts a mid/high launch, not whippy, and not something that is 56g like the major OEM’s offer.  What do I do.  Can I send it back to Golfworks to have it reshafted?  Is there something in the mid 70’s weight range that fits what I am describing?

Britt Lindsey Answered question August 16, 2021