was hoping someone here could help me with a lead tape question. I seem to not be getting the toe squared up on my putter and have a ton of putts missing right, is there a spot on the sole of my putter that if I add lead tape to that will help me square up the face? thank you all in advance

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 7, 2022

Theory would say put it on the heel side. This helps a driver close the face. I would place it on the side, or top not the bottom of the sole. Put a bunch of weight there, tape 6 quarters. That’s 15 grams. See if it has any affect..

If it doesn’t help, make sure your putter grip is perpendicular to the face. If it is, maybe reinstall it a couple degrees ccw.

Is your putter designed for your stroke (ie. Toe down).is the lie angle and length right?

Lot of things to look at, if your stroke is good.

Good luck