I just finished assembling a set of PTM forged DBM finish irons. On the pitching wedge and gap wedge I see minor cracks at the hosel. I needed to bend these two clubs at a 63.25 degree lie. Based on the specs listed in the catalog which are +/-64° this should’ve been a minor bend. However the lie read in my bending machine at 66.5 so I needed to do a pretty significant bend. So beware buying these clubs because the specs apparently are wrong… if you need to do some adjustments beware. Back to my original question are these heads compromised do they need to be replaced. Have yet to hit him yet I just put the grips on

theblake7 Answered question September 23, 2020

Follow on to my original post…Looked closer at the other clubs. The 7 and 8 iron have cracks too..and i only needed to bend 1 degree based on the specs in The catalog! I will be contacting Golfworks for replacement!

A further on to my last 2 posts. In the daylight…all but one club show hairline cracks at the hosel. Only bent less than 1 degree based in the specs. Is this due to DBM? This is not good just made a set and I think they are unusable!..

Ok one more post! Golfworks is amazing!!! Called the customer service line…Pat picked up the phone! She was about to call me…Mr Lindsey had seen my post and already started addressing…so it is DBM. Need to be careful bending. .but more over they are so very proactive addressing my issue…replacing my dbms but they need to find some at or close to my specs..If not refunding or replace with the chrome..cannot be more pleased with their customer service. They have always been great but you have earned a life long customer!!