Britt or Jim,

Since the first 2 factors that affect launch are loft and vertical center of gravity, and in that order, how can loft be adjusted to make the launch of 2 different heads to be similar?

The TE Forged head has a VCOG of .675. The MMB-17 has a VCOG of .741. The KE4 Tour+ has a VCOG of .785.

Comparing the stock loft angles of the same three are 35, 35, 33 respectively.

In light of this, with other factors equal, I’d expect the KE4 Tour+ to launch lower with 2* less loft and a higher VCOG. Pretty obvious. Now comparing the other 2: same loft but much different VCOG.

Now for the big question: how much would I have to adjust (strengthen) the loft of the TE Forged to produce a similar launch to the MMB-17 (with the much higher VCOG)? Is there a simple formula to figure that?

(I realize changing the loft will also change the bounce.)

Thanks! Michael