First I’d like to say I’d love to have a low spin high launch shaft love the graphic design orange.. shaft but don’t have 400 dollars for a shaft.. my swing speed varies between 103-109..  but good smooth speed probably 105-107.. anyways my miss his a hook.. but I don’t hardly do that anymore . Maybe once or twice a round.. but I do over draw the ball quite a bit.. what I mean by that is it a slow right to left ball flight but goes the entire wish e of the fairway…. Anyways I was reading shafts can help with weakening a draw.. or preventing it.. so I was thinking aldilia rip phenom care one review said it straighten his draw a bit.. but I wanted the lighter shaft 50 stiff compared to 60 to maybe increase swing speed and maybe yards.. but that 100 dollar range, a little more or a little less money is cool, I’m looking for price range.. what would you recommend for a low spin and mid launch shaft that can take a little of the draw out of ball flight.. aldilia rip phenom seemed decent.. but you might recommend the 60 instead of 50 idk.. and you have like ten thousand shafts on your site.. so I’m sure I missed some good options lol.. thanks for your time in advance.. as always love you guys and all you do for us.


You might check out the XCaliber Superlite 55 Wood Shaft, a 55g high launch low spin shaft, for $89.99. Might also check out the Pro TSL Wood Shaft, a 50g mid launch low spin shaft, also for $89.99. You can check them plus other shafts at