This past winter, playing in cold weather, the shaft on my driver cracked. I’ve been playing with a driver that has the same model head and shaft as the one that broke, but with a higher loft (12°). I hit it pretty straight, but it flies high enough to result in loss of distance compared to a comparable head with 2-3 degrees lower loft. So … I’m interested in lowering the trajectory of my drives. Other than a major overhaul of my driver swing (don’t really wanna go there), the two most obvious ploys would

1) put a new lower launching shaft on the higher lofted driver head

2) put a lower lofted head (same model) on my current (high launch) shaft

I’m sure both approaches would lower the trajectory. I also know that (in general) the lower the loft, the more I have worry about side spin. So the hypothetical question is … if I managed to built two clubs that delivered the exact same launch angle would both theoretically have identical characteristics for side spin potential … or would the higher lofted head maintain it’s potential charateristically lower side spin.

I’m guessing they would indeed have the same side spin characteristics, but it’s only a guess. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with actual experience in the matter.