Hello- I have my wife in the STi-2 irons 6-GW in M890 shafts.  I built a Maltby Glider series 56 degree.  She had used the original sandslider in the set I built for her 23 years ago!!   She still loves that club.  I know the Glider is essentially the same design– BUT- mama don’t like the Glider.   SO-  I am hoping to build her a more traditional SW like she had in her CER irons.    The M890 SW that matches fits that bill.    You are out of the L flex–  can I tip the LL enough to build her a SW with the M890?

She does still hit it a good distance.  Her GW in STi-2 is a 100-110 yd club…

Thanks in advance..

Britt Lindsey Answered question June 5, 2023

would probably need to take off ~1″ additional, for a total of 4-1/4″. May not have enough tip left to get to the bottom of the hosel.
UST Dhi might be another option