Does the Maltby Designs Frequency Analyzer ever need calibration

Rlafoone Posted new comment July 20, 2021

The torque knob can be adjusted to be a bit more firm (or not so). If you have a shaft that is a known frequency (i.e. wood shaft R flex 243 cpm at 41″). You can adjust the torque knob (tighten up the allen that secures it). You need to first remove the outer knob and that will get you access to the allen screws that you can adjust to get your required frequency.
Insert your known “frequency standard” and adjust the screw until the cpm is within 1 cpm. that should get you where you need to be. If not, you can order a replacement torque limiter knob (GM1102) which I suspect could be used as a replacement and adjusted accordingly.
see the following link, page 8 for more info: